Back by Popular Demand to Victoria, BC Monty Python’s Spamalot the Musical is Rip Roaring Fun!

McPherson Theatre
3 Centennial Square
Victoria, British Columbia

Remaining Shows:
Sept 9, 8pm
Sept 10, 8pm
Sept 11, 2pm 

Back by popular demand, the Victoria Operatic Society is performing Monty Python‘s Spamalot at the McPherson Theatre September 8 to 11. Do yourself a favour and go see it! Everything fans love from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail is recreated with love and by the end, everyone will be whistling to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” (Life of Brian)

With a live orchestra performing, the energy and enthusiasm by all can easily be felt. The many styles of stage performance recall 100 years of musical theatre. From grand can-cans from gay Paris to chorus girl lineups performed on Broadway (and ripping into the style perfected by Andrew Lloyd Webber), I could not help but want to toe tap whenever I can. But in the tight seating that makes up this theatre, that’s tough to do. This venue is not known for generous leg room and that’s okay. I hummed along to fantastic numbers like “Come with Me” and “Whatever Happened to My Part?” Tara Britt is an amazing singer, and her voice blows me away. After seeing her at Victoria Fringe Festival‘s [Title of Show] and laughing at the intentional plug, I knew I had to be here opening night.

Everyone from this company is exceptional. I found Morgan McLeod of the clan McLeod the perfect Arthur. I was waiting for him to exclaim, “There can be only one!” Dwayne Gordon was terrific as Sir Dennis / Galahad and Emil Morgensen as the effeminate Prince Herbert was sweetly hilarious. Just what he does to convince Lancelot (Jeffrey Stephen) to be his significant other, and his “conversion” is the highlight of the show. In the setup prior to this sketch, Robert Mitchell nicely channels Igor ala Marty Feldman (from Young Frankenstein) in his role as Patsy. Though Terry Gilliam played this character differently Holy Grail, that’s what I got from my vantage point.

With a thirty-something ensemble cast of dancers and performers gracing the stage, I got the feeling I was being treated to a very enthusiastic and energizing show. Even when one of the dancers tripped by accident or not, it added to the absolutely ripping night. A certain level of looney tunes, double entendre and absurdist comedy — along with audience involvement — made this stage musical a delight. Since this performance is no doubt going to be a local favourite for years to come in this city, this second round had everything moving as slick as a whistle.

4½ Blokes out of 5


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