Home is Where the ❤ is at Fūdo Japanese Restaurant

Broadmead Village Shopping Centre

Unit 425 – 777 Royal Oak Drive
Phone: (778) 265-3328

Located outside of downtown, Fūdo Japanese Restaurant is where Shingo Sana, the former head sushi chef from Omakase, continues his passion for creating fantastic Japanese dishes. The ambience at this bistro is modern than traditional, and the time spent within is quite pleasent. The service was great, as I got a full decanter of tea to keep me very satisfied. The prices are a little bit more than those in town, but for the tastes I’ve found, it’s worth every extra penny — especially with the fusion roll I tried.

I do not visit this part of the suburbs much, mostly because the mall does not offer the type of shopping I’m usually after (nerd type merchandise), but if sushi connoisseurs love what this culinary master can do, making the trip to the edge of town is worth it. Timing and knowing when he has specialty rolls (like the Bananacado or Lemon Drop which the March/April issue of EAT magazine mentioned) on the menu requires keeping an eye on their Facebook page (or going omakase here) if anyone is yearning for a specific taste.

Whatever the reason was for Shingo leaving the previous job, where I first met him and sampled his works of culinary art, I was told by the operation he will be back. As for when — that required me to save up enough money to pay for what I usually average ($75) at a Japanese restaurant.

Sudomono Salad

Fūdo began operation mid January. As for why I didn’t show up earlier is mostly because I’ve been saving up for my annual pilgrimage to Emerald City Comicon which takes place every March. If I was to rank my priorities, nerdom comes first and feeding my love for sushi second. When I easily spent $100 CAD at Sansei Sushi in Seattle (don’t ask for omakase there; while they give you great quality, the quantity was small and I was disappointed), I’m sticking to staying in Canada or going to Japan to satisfy my future cravings. The terrible exchange rate my credit card has right now with the States did not help, but I had to ignore this fact as I always spoil myself when visiting this country. When I’m home, I’ll be juggling my visits between Fūdo and Omakase so I can satisfy most of my Japanese food needs.

For starters, my appetizer was a very delectable and sweet sudomono salad ($8). The pieces of octopus are thick, soft and hearty. I loved the open bowl presentation. The bonus tuna takaki had a great seared zing and my third dish was the Eel-ectric Roll ($14). You need to make two bites per piece in order to properly enjoy this fantastic combination. Tuna, avocado and tempura makes up the core, and the toppings consist of a very smooth and succulent BBQ Eel, crispy fried leeks and mild Japanese peppers.

For my main dish, I had the deluxe Sushi Platter ($28, which offered all the basics), the deep-fried spot prawn head was over the top. Usually I skip the tiny legs (pereiopods) when steamed, but when crisped, they were totally edible! I could have gone through a bag of these like they were prawn chips. The tastes were spot on. Next time, I’ll have to sit at the bar. It can fit five so folks. When you’re able to watch this head sushi chef work, it’s tough not to resist asking for more.

5 Blokes out of 5


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