C’est Bon Koto Sushi Izakaya

20170805_215301_HDRKoto Sushi Izakaya
510 Fort St
Victoria, BC

Phone: (250) 382-1514

Late at night, folks do not have to wait long to get a seat at Koto Sushi Izakaya. Just how they compare to other places depends on what you are wanting to have. I usually go for the sushi rolls, and it was tough to decide on what to get without killing my wallet. Since this place specializes in Izakaya, where you are able to get quick bites (pub-style food), I went for the simple dishes first, hoping they will fill me up. The baked oysters were certainly wonderful, warm and lucid to the tongue. I also ordered deep-fried quail eggs, and could have gone for more. They were the highlight of my meal, given how filling they were over the rest of the items I ordered. The grilled fish was unusual. Sanma is a mackerel which had a distinctively salty taste. It was quite soft and was like eating a sponge cake. The texture took little getting used to, but I found enjoyment after the third piece.


When compared to another fish dish, I was largely disappointed. There was not enough meat and it was not sufficiently deboned before being cooked up. Service was slow, as it was late at night and I had to look around to see if anyone else was here other than myself.

I had to grab a rainbow roll to end the night with, and yes, I done finally come out feeling full. This place is certainly worth revisiting for all its fusion rolls offered which I know I have to try. When considering the prices of each, I can only do one at a time per visit in order to fully enjoy the combinations than to confuse everything up. Standouts include I Love U (smoked salmon, yam tempura, tomato wrapped in soy paper) and the Koto Mountain (prawn, tomago, tobiko in a panko batter drizzled in unagi sauce and it sports their flag). In the cooked front, their BBQ Beef Tongue sounds appetizing!


My adventures will never end. Over time, however, I find to innovate in the sushi fusion front is difficult since I’m seeing the trends. When will an operation create a dish so unique that it must be raved about? Perhaps it’ll come when chefs finally decide cream cheese and rice just do not mix!

4 Blokes out of 5


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