Landing in Rock Bay with a Parachute … for Ice Cream!

parachuteParachute Ice Cream
105-2626 Bridge St
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11 to 7pm
Phone: (778) 265-1999

I’m rarely in the area of Rock Bay, where the industrial side of Victoria exists. Plenty of automobile shops and breweries are strewn around. It’s amazing how only a couple of years will see change. Gone are a lunch stop — where I had the best bison burger I’ve ever had (review on Victoria burger blog) — and one of Prima Strada’s locations. They now operate out of Cook St (Fairfield area) and Fort (in the municipality of Oak Bay).

Now, other stops have sprung up, which includes a coffee shop offering nouveau sensations (i.e. ethically sourced ingredients) and a few doors up is Parachute Ice Cream. They opened in May 2016. After walking around to see what’s changed, I should make a point of being in this area more. At night, this location can be dodgy. This operation closes at 7pm every day. During the warmer seasons, I suspect they stay open longer. This detail is important for those who linger around. Down the block is Moon Under Water Brewpub and Saltchuck Pie Company. Both will be places I will want to check out. For beer lovers, they can have their pick of Hoyne, Driftwood or Vancouver Island Brewery to get kegs. All three should have rooms to sample their latest brews.

A bit of research reveals Parachute is the second business for both proprietors Robyn Larocque and Kevin Fung. The former owns Victoria Pie Co., and the latter Umi Sushi Express in Mayfair Shopping Centre. When I crave pie, I head to the operation at the Victoria Public Market, and when I’m there to feast, I get the ice cream! They are made in batches and the huge selling point for me is the unique flavours. This philosophy continued on with this shop by the bay. I could get chocolate and strawberry, but that’s not what I’m after. The silky goodness of a homemade product is felt than tasted. The feelings I get from a fantastic product is when all the stresses of the day go away.

I sampled their Driftwood Porter Beerscream. It tasted more chocolatey than to allow for the accents to bite through. I settled for a traditional mango, and was curious about the buffalo milk. For less fat, you get a slightly healthier product. I can get used to this, as I picked up a mason jar (you get a $1 off if you take it back for a refill, which is very cool) of their passionfruit to take home. As much as I wanted to make love to it all night, I only took a few spoonfuls to sample. I can safely report that both flavours are products you really want to take time on savouring than to rush. In a brisk day, it hits the spot.


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