Jonesing for Jones Bar-B-Que

Image result for Jones Bar-B-QueJones Bar-B-Que
1725 Cook St,
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11pm to 9pm
Phone: (778) 265-4227

Usually, when I drive down Cook Street near Royal Athletic Park, I take mental note of the eateries. When the side streets do not offer a lot of parking and the lots in the strip malls are just as minimal, to find a place to stop is not easy. A walk along this street which defines the border between North Park and Fernwood has quite a number of lovely stops. Sadly, a few operations come and go quite fast. I hope Jones Bar-B-Que is here to stay.

This city needs a proper BBQ joint. When the craving hits for simple smoked flavours, I should not be waiting for Rib Fest in Esquimalt come Fall. I can stop by this eatery anytime. I’ve been Jonesing for it for quite some time. I’m sure that is the reason behind this diner’s name, and they offer fantastic fixin’s and I’m sure my Texan friend Susan will give a seal of approval to. She lives on this island now, and I see her from time to time, and I love hearing her stories of life and the tastes from down South.

She alone did not help develop my love for the BBQ and Cajun foods. There are many ways to develop the former. This ranges from the type of wood used and the scents which emerge when it is fired to slow cook the meats. With beef brisket, it’s cool texture was very sublime. The winner is with this operation’s pickles. They no doubt do their own and instead of an overpowering cucumber, they are light. They are offered in many a meal and its taste helps enhance the choice of three types of meat I can have. I was still hungry after having my brisket burger and ordered some baked fried chicken to go. Both were very delectable. The smoked taste was very light. I believe they used applewood for this batch, as I know hickory is very distinct and oak offers more of a woody taste. To have a strong taste would mean infusing the meats with liquid essence, and that would be overdoing it.


The diner itself is very rustic. I loved hearing the sounds of Elvis as I had the meal and the scents from next door, where the smokers are located, had me wanting to float on into the operation than just walk. I can only imagine what Jones Bar-B-Que can do with ribs. I favour beef over pork these days; however, this place has me thinking I can go back.

And I will. They have gluten free options, and I’m loving their sodas! They have their own blend of cherry and root beer which I absolutely love.

4 Blokes out of 5


One thought on “Jonesing for Jones Bar-B-Que

  1. I Love this place and it’s close to home


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