[Vancouver, BC] Not So Wanton for Neptune Wonton Noodle


Neptune Wonton Noodle
4405 Central Blvd,
Burnaby, BC

Hours: 10am–1am
Phone: (778) 379-0639

There is more to the Neptune franchise name than just their Seafood Restaurants in downtown Vancouver and Coquitlam (to name a few). Yes, I’ve been visiting Vancouver quite a bit, and it’s tough for me to not say a thing about many an established chain on the mainland.

For regular Asian customers, it’s a place to hit (especially in Burnaby) and the staff treats them more kindly than Caucasians. I’m sorry, but this detail was particularly jarring when I suggested to my friend that we check this place out. We were in the area for a book signing at Chapters. Instead of a bite in Metropolis in Metrotown (Burnaby, BC), we opted for an establishment close to our hotel. While behaviours from the older generation never change in regards to other cultures wanting to come in to explore ethnic tastes, I question whether they should be working in the dining / public service sector or not.

IMG_20171009_141512504Trying to figure out how to order without a guide simply took looking at an adjoining table to see how other diners ordered. No server helped us, and I felt we were being ostracized. Once when that was figured out, the dishes came out relatively quick as though to hurry us along. To serve up freshly made wonton with broth from a regularly brewing vat offered some comfort. What we ate certainly warmed us up and the waitress who was working the table finally changed her tune.

This staple had plenty of shrimp to go with the pork. The ratio of noodle with the dumplings was great, and I enjoyed this lunch. To give our meal some added kick, I ordered a dish of “Chilled Spicy Shrimp” ($13.95) to share between my friend and me. She loved this unique dish. I could not stop gobbling them up and worked on both sucking down the meat from both the head and tail. The former is an acquired taste, but with the added coat of a sriracha type of glaze, I was enjoying every bit from the shrimp I could suck down.

Next time, I think I will have to “shell out” (pardon the pun) the money for their crab dishes. Advertised at the front door were some truly mouth-watering innovations. One glance at their menu has been believing this operation (and the others around the Lower Mainland) must be packed.

I’m fairly sure their “Liver Lobster Fried Udon” (首創原隻龍蝦炒烏冬) is a spelling mistake, but I’m game! Other dishes I’m interested in include Braised Beef Tendon with Tossed Noodle (柱侯牛筋撈 麵) and the Geoduck Congee (柱侯牛筋撈 麵).


If neither sounds all that appetizing, I think to have Geoduck poached and sauteed in garlic and white wine will win. Included are pieces of sashimi. I may have to stop making Downtown Vancouver my destination and visit Barnaby instead. Not every establishment in this chain offer the same group of items, and for this particular dish, I will have to return.

The bonus is that I can finally visit the arcade at Metrotown to play Star Wars: Battlepod!

3 Blokes out of 5


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