Ageless Gardens Continues to Grow! Now Into Season Three

AG301 Jared and Jane Regier 2 JPG


World Premiere on VisionTV
Monday, February 15, 2021, 9:00pm ET

Ageless Gardens is demonstrating that not even this show can end. Season 3 is set to premiere on VisionTV Monday, February 15 at 9pm ET.

This latest chapter expands upon the original series vision, focusing on the ‘ageless’ aspect of gardening. This season features five new 30-minute episodes that each tell the story of the health and wellness benefits of gardening at any age. The episode to keep an eye out for is “Sacred Spaces,” which explores not only what this activity can do for the soul, but also to “ground” yourself during these times. Not everyone knows how to manage stress well, and it’s just about connecting with the divine.

While British Columbia is beset with a last minute winter sneeze, this season is hardly that. It was partially filmed during the pandemic and with heavy safety protocols in place, was able to finish production to show no virus can halt what hearty Victorians can do in any time of the year–illness or not.

The segments were made around  BC – Canada’s gardening hotspot. The gardeners spotlighted this season refused to be held back, and their perseverance was inspiring to witness.

  • A man-made floating garden, upon which its owners Catherine King & Wayne Adams have lived — and fed themselves — for nearly 30 years (Clayoquot Sound, BC)
  • A fragile ecosystem maintained by Rosemary Balfour and her group of volunteers (Victoria, BC)
  • A village of miniature gnome gardens with a view of the Salish Sea, visited by tourists from around the world (Victoria, BC)

Environmental activism through gardening also emerged as an important theme. In times of quarantines and food shortages, these human connections to nature are more important than ever. Viewers will discover:

  • Author and teacher Maleea Acker’s Garry Oak meadow created to resuscitate a natural ecosystem and bring back insects and birds (Victoria, BC)
  • Gary MacDougall’s family vegetable garden, used to teach others how to grow their own produce (Victoria, BC)
  • Jared Regier and his two-year-old daughter Jane Regier, who grow vegetables on small plots around the city (Saskatoon, SK)
  • A city-initiated program focused on connecting isolated seniors with vegetable seedlings, so they can grow their own food at home (Victoria, BC)

Ageless Gardens continues to be shot and directed by Gemini Award-winning Ian Toews csc. The series was produced by Toews and Mark Bradley, also the editor of all five episodes. The musical score was once again composed by Amanda Cawley. Carolyn Thomas returns as the narrator. David j. Taylor handled the post audio. This principal creative team received 8 Leo Award nominations for the first two seasons of the series, including Best Documentary Series, Direction, Photography, Editing, Sound, and Music.

Programming Note: An encore presentation of Ageless Gardens Season 2 episodes will be broadcast directly after the premiere of each new Season 3 episode. So, back-to-back Ageless Gardens Mondays at 9pm and 9:30pm ET.

Please check your local listings or use the VisionTV Channel Finder.


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