Yukatsu&Uburger Has Got Our Soul

120230104_172724008 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC

Hours: Mon to Sun 11:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m.
Menu: yukatsuuburger.love
Phone: (250) 853-2100

DK: Something something Pink Bicycle. Something something beloved downtown eatery. Something Something new kid in town. Something, something shoes to fill. 

Ok, now that we’ve got the preamble out of the way–Ed, what do make of this new, also rather Pink, burger spot on Blanshard?

ES: Other than the fact Yukatsu & Uburger kept some original decor from the former operation, I’m generally impressed. With operations closing down and new ones in its wake, I’m glad the theme is at least kept! As for what this operation entails, it’s tough to say if they’re Korean and Japanese, or just the latter? With a tantalising video of their deep-fry process playing nonstop, I’m definitely drooling.

DK: Many moons ago I had a deeply disappointing experience with a chicken katsu. Its memory haunts me, and not in some Casper the Friendly Ghost harmless hijinx kinda way. Ed seems to have taken a step back from ghost hunting in recent years. So instead of asking him to exorcise my katsu demons, I just went for the burger. The first bite sent my mind tripping backwards to visions of White Spot excursions with my Grandmother.

ES: As much as I like to resume those paranormal activities, sadly all the name shaming and egos which tends to happen between groups has me shaking my head. I have no qualms now revealing how bad it was since it must be known, but now I’m curious about asking Don to recall those ghosts of White Spot past before I can go on.

DK: Yukatsu & Uburger’s combo of burger sauce and sweet bulgogi BBQ sauce evoked the White Spot Spirit for me. The flavour profile is quite similar to that of the many Double Doubles and BC Burgers I enjoyed with my Grandmother on trips to Vancouver. And being a middle-aged man, I will swear up and down that White Spot was a thousand times better 25 years ago. Perhaps the ghost of White Spot past can finally rest, knowing Yukatsu & Uburger have accidentally created a worthy heir.

ES: I feel like I’ve done my job then. And boo on us for not taking any more pictures. Once we were served, the smell and scents had us consuming our meals faster than we can pull out our smartphones. Yes we were hungry!

I want to return to sample their other katsus. Once that’s slapped between a freshly made bun, and properly made fries, I wlll there faster than I can scare up other meals at home. They cooks here will crispy fry up pork, chicken, cod, or even a brick of mozza! Yes, I’m sold. That’s because there’s some mystery mix to their batter to make it crisp. 

I did a double patty for my Bulgogi Burger combo, and I can’t get enough. It’s a softer chew since there’s pork and beef mixed in. Although my only gripe is that they are thin patties, I’m glad I got two to help fill me up. And they also make up some mean fries! I suspect the cooking is all done in the same vat of hot oil. I could taste a bit more than the usual starch that’s associated with the simple potato. They definitely double fried to ensure keeping the heat in.

DK: I heartily endorse this burger. It’s got it all going on. A bun so soft you could lay your head against it and have a nap. A flavourful patty that’s not too greasy. Simple, classic toppings jazzed up with that sweet bulgogi sauce to incite cravings. Now, what do we have to do to get a menchi katsu burger on the menu?

4 Blokes out of 5


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