The Road to Cadboro Bay – A Food Review

2056A Sinclair Rd.
Saanich, BC
(250) 595-0378

E: When James and I were last in Oak Bay, I came across a Japanese diner that featured an article about a forgotten favourite place I liked to go dine in during the 90’s. Was I feeling nostalgia? Yes, because the owner/operator closed up shop on Yates Street and ever since then, I wished I could find a place that could serve the style of thick noodled ramen that I came here to enjoy. Apparently, in the article, it said that he came out of retirement to open up Mutsuki-An. This business is now family run, but as for where he is, or if any of those old flavours can still be found, the menu did not say. Newer flavours could be found … but it took a while for us to find this place. For some reason, I could’ve sworn that it was located off Foul Bay Road. After visiting a different diner, off we were, through Oak Bay than leaving it, to find this Japanese restaurant. I still blame James for giving me false directions since obviously he did not know his way around this municipality.

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