[VFF’15] Is the Food Tennis Pro Ate Big in Japan? A Review & Interview

bij_POSTERLittle known Seattle-based rock band Tennis Pro is having problems back home and in what they realize is that they are not getting the attention that they deserve. When Alex Vincent (AKA Alex Shumway) of Green River fame takes notice and offers them the chance to pursue recognition in the land of the rising sun, perhaps their fame will truly be “Big in Japan.”

This rockumentary blends actual concert moments with a fictionalized narrative to tell the story of what guitarist David Drewery, drummer Sean Lowery and bassist Philip Pearson faced while in this country. From total culture shock in not quite realizing where they are to showing off what this trio have to eat, perhaps it’s best lovers of Japanese food should not attend this film with an empty stomach. It will get some people wanting to try an ice cream hotdog or to attempt a ‘dangerous’ round of sushi roulette themselves.

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