[Victoria Fringe Festival 2019] The Trophy Hunt Rolling Tour!

Fan Tan Alley
(Fringe Site D)
539 Fisgard Street

Remaining Shows:
Please check Intrepid Theatre’s show listings here. Three shows a night.

The scents of the nearby restaurants during a very DIY Fringe show, Trophy Hunt, certainly made me go on an expedition (for food) afterwards. In what’s unique about this performance is that it offers to local talents a chance to interpret Trina Davies dialogue and broadcast the ideas in new creative ways. This Vancouver, BC based playwright is best known for Shatter, Multi User Dungeon and The Bone Bridge.

Here, Parker (Geneviève Doyon), Jan (David Radford), and Soraya (Christina Patterson) talk about the thrill of the hunt and the reasons for why they embark on this ritual in a point of view that few understand. This show does not endorse these safaris. It does, however, delve into all those questions people ask to others who enjoy hunting. Is it really a crime? What makes being a predator so special? Is it some endorphin which gives the stalker some sense of perverted pleasure? Or is there something else?

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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’16] Afterthoughts on Everlast & Its Future as a Show

Everlast-ITC.jpgFringe Festivals offers many an entertainer to experiment. Some shows have an afterlife where it becomes a sensation, and other shows might pitter out, to be forgotten. Everlast by Kevin Koch is a work in progress, where this creator eventually wants to take it on tour. Even he admits that it needs refining.

In what I’ve seen in the final weekend of the 2016 Victoria Fringe Festival, there’s a great seed of an idea; to challenge world views from not only within organized religion but also in how people see life. After having two random encounters with “missionaries” in my neighbourhood looking to spread the word and me expressing to them that I have my own world views to follow and I do not need theirs, going to this show could not be timelier.

The show is rough at the edges, like it’s mirroring the soul of Marty (or Pope Martin VI) on purpose. He’s come from a tough life. He grew up in the tough streets and has Rocky Balboa and his mother as inspiration. This character might have said he’s from Philadelphia, but as with any sermon I tend to hear, in one ear and out the other (unfortunately).

Just how Marty managed to achieve residency and move up the papacy is almost a head-scratcher. He boxed his way to the top. God, on the other hand, is a timeless character and I liked the fact that Koch’s interpretation is very Old Testament. I was more engaged with his fight with Lucifer. How can anyone not want to miss this match?

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