Sea Bluff Farm – Fireweed Honey

Unfiltered Fireweed Honey
Sea Bluff Farm
565 Wootton Rd.
Metchosin, BC
(250) 590-7415

Much can be said about consuming the golden smoothness of unfiltered fireweed honey. I purchased a large bottle ($20) from Sea Bluff Farm and I hope there’s enough to last me awhile. I could see the lighter yellow of the honey inside the mason jar. To me, unfiltered means all natural, including all the stuff the bees leave behind, so why mess with a good thing?

While Fireweed is considered the most sought after honey available, I definitely wouldn’t ignore other types. The taste of honey can vary depending on the region and the process used by the beekeeper.

Since I’m British in descent, I decided to have my first taste by using the tried and true toast with tea method: A cup of Red Rose and two slices of buttered toast. I spread a good amount of honey on my toast but I refrained from drowning the two slices. With unfiltered fireweed honey (or at least with Sea Bluff’s) you need to avoid being overpowered by the natural sweetness. The delicate taste will trick you.

I settled in for a bit of heaven. I quietly wondered if bees have tea breaks? Has a bee ever been fired for dipping into the company vat? Do ants go to discos? The strange things one thinks when under the influence of tea and honey.

Shopper’s Tip: When purchasing honey in the province of B.C., it is always a good idea to support our own bee keepers by purchasing their products.

For more information on local beekeepers or beekeeping visit the Capital Region Beekeepers Association.


One thought on “Sea Bluff Farm – Fireweed Honey

  1. Brittany Powell from Sea Bluff gave me some sage advice should the unfiltered honey harden. She told me to bathe the jar of honey in a hot bath and that should liquify it.


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