Part Fish Part Deux

Redfish, Bluefish
1006 Wharf St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 298-6877

On my second visit to the diner that James and I began our culinary journey, I couldn’t help but notice that this operation’s computer system was down again. But at least their debit/credit card line worked. Either it’s just my timing or this place really needs to consider moving on up to more stable ground.

But I swear, timing is everything for finding tasty food here. I tried the Fanny Bay Oyster Sandwich ($10). and it was like a seafood version of a Philly Cheesesteak. Although I’m comparing the two like apples to oranges, I found the sandwich had more substance to it, than something tiny that James had.

There were at least three large oysters packed in this manwich and it had a lovely squish when I bit into it. And as I worked through the soft, light bread, the soft lemony taste from the onions proved I was eating a seafood sandwich. I don’t think I can eat any form of fried sea life without lemon.

However, I really have to wonder what this place does to the vats of coleslaw they have. Sadly, the people here don’t put the same thoughtful care and attention into the cole slaw as they do with the rest of their menu.

After two bites, I just wrapped what’s left and tossed it in the garbage. It didn’t matter if the salad used organic greens or not; it was a slushy mess which I found inedible.

And I’ve eaten a lot of coleslaw before. From KFC to Fish on 5th up in Sidney, they had a better quality salad than here. So I just have to wonder: do I have to tip heavy to get decent slaw or do they just leave it under the sun to softly vegetate and spoon out for every meal they give?

Next time, I’m asking them to leave it out. Someone else can suffer.

3 Blokes out of 5

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