Catering a way into my Heart

2012 Update: Sadly, this business has closed down but the chef continues to cater. If you have an event you wish him to cook for, you can contact him here.

Connoisseur Catering
2512 Bridge St.
Victoria, BC

Connoisseur Catering can easily run circles around the soups I’ve had before, and they do more than just cater soirees. They serve lunch to the masses in the industrial side of town. I’m somewhat of a regular here and visit when I can to get a Wild Buffalo Burger and a green salad tossed in a vinaigrette from Milan as my side dish.

I’ve rated their burger at my buddy’s burger blog and this time, I opted for something new, a white clam chowder. At $10.50 for both, I couldn’t stop spooning mouthfuls in fast enough. I haven’t had good chowder in ages, and the stuff I eat at Chinese restaurants (a different kind of chowder altogether) is just boring. Some restaurants do a decent job too, but usually, I find it’s not as good until you put in freshly ground peppers.

That makes for a huge difference. And a good chowder should be fluid. There should be just enough clams so l’m happier than a seagull after his next meal. But like a tootsie roll pop, after one lick I want to gulp it all down. After savouring this delight, the ambrosia can enter the great whale known as my belly.

The potatoes, carrots and celery used in this chowder is perfect. I don’t like big chunks and here, they finely chop them up. That’s how a good bowl of soup should be made. One shouldn’t be chewing on large chunks for minutes; it should be a slurp or two, and then a swallow.

Eventually I’ll try everything on their lunch menu. And Chef Cesare is a master of more than just fast food takeout. He’s the member of “la Chaine des Rotisseurs,” the world’s oldest culinary society.

5 blokes out of 5



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