Albert Heijn sweet & sour pickles

For pickle-lovers, what can be said for a small jar of tiny pickles when set up against the classic Bick’s? A lot if it’s a jar of gherkins from the famed Albert Heijn of Holland. These pickles have earned not only a place in my heart but in my fridge.

Albert Heijn is actually the name of a supermarket chain in Holland. Their brand name means quality and up until recently, they’re considered one of the more expensive food marts.

I’m in no way a connoisseur of the pickle like my dad, but at least I know a good thing when I eat it. And when I brought this jar home, my dad seemed unsure of it at first. And now it’s become one of his favourite brands.

I usually take the odd trip to Fairway to purchase groceries that are from the UK, my grandparent’s home country. It’s closer to me than the English Sweet Shop downtown on Yates. The imports have been a real success, and they’re even expanding this aisle further.

What I brought home barely lasted when my family got their hands on it. They saw that it was sweet and sour flavoured and dove right in. But for me, it was the paprika that gave this pickle its fine taste. It’s hard not to have just one without eating the whole jar in one sitting. But I managed (with some help) to make it last for nearly two whole days.

In my household, that is a new record for pickle eating speed.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another Albert Heijn pickle jar to buy.

Ed’s Take: As I tried to fall asleep, I get this phone call from James late at night expounding about how delicious the jar of Albert Jeijn pickles he bought were. After grumbling a bit and a few days later, I’m at Fairway searching for Cherry Cola  and encountering that jar.

I didn’t have my spork with me to put up a defence, but I had to give them a try too. I found the taste not too sharp and it was definitely much more sweeter and softer than what I’m usually used to. They’re quite the snacking pickle that doesn’t leave one puckering their lips afterwards.

I finished my jar of pickles faster than I could say Mulholland. Well, I won’t be racing there for more, but it’ll be in my shopping list whenever I get a pickle craving too.


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