Remembering a Bygone Era with Soda Shops

Note: This establishment is no longer operating.

Rogers’ Chocolates
Soda Shoppe

913 Government St.
Victoria, BC

J: Soda shops once populated the North American landscape and they are mostly are a faded memory. Places like Ma Heller’s west-side Montreal establishment was a popular hang out in the post-war era, but we can still support these simpler times by patronizing Victoria’s own The Soda Shoppe.

E: I hate to break this to you James, but there are still a few left around the world. It’s become more of a niche market. But for folks craving that old fashioned nostalgia, I’m certainly glad Roger’s Chocolates decided to open this store up. Whenever I have two spare loonies, I’d stop by and grab a cherry coke made the old fashioned way.

I still can’t forgive Coca Cola for pulling their product off the Canadian market. So I have to get my cherry pop craving elsewhere.

J: I’m a full supporter of soda shops. Many department stores and chemists had them. I’m sure many people and businesses have asked why they haven’t made comeback.

E: I think I need a certain DeLorean to go find out. I’m more inclined to blame the soda companies that’s totally capitalized and monopolized the market; they’ve had their beginnings much the same way, but for Rogers, at least I can get a decently-sized chocolate malt ($7) that even Godzilla would appreciate. It quenched my fire and we lucked out by getting the leftovers. How cool is that? I’m sure back in those days, they say waste not, want not.

J: But will we be able to find suitable bathroom facilities in 1940? That was nice of the girl behind the counter to do that for us. I soon learned never to have more than your fill. That malt was so thick and sweet. I slurped it down as hungrily as Pooh Bear gulps back hunny pots.

E: [ burp! ]

4 Blokes out of 5

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