Chef Dave Higgins and his New Venture


Chef Dave Higgins passed along word of his plans to open a deli in September in the Happy Valley Market. He wants to offer a take-out option for families seven nights a week, and his plan is to use fresh local ingredients. The menu for the takeaway will alternate daily with meat pies, lasagna, pizza and shepherds pie. He’s estimating the price for a meal for four might be $19.95.

Higgins recently exhibited his talent at the Goldstream Station Market’s zucchini show-off. And he’ll be cooking for the 4th Annual Harvest Supper at Colwood’s Church of the Advent (September 26, 2010). Tickets are $15 for adults and they can be purchased at the Goldstream Station Market. It’s a good opportunity to taste some of Chef Higgins’ work. But hurry, the supper sells-out every year.

Update (July 8, 2011):
Chef Dave Higins is currently employed at the Basilico Ristorante & Lounge at 832 Goldstream Avenue in Langford.


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