Suzi is in the Sky with Diamonds?

Editor’s Note: This establishment is no longer located at the address below.

Chef Suzi in the Square
18B Bastion Square
Victoria, BC

For those people familiar with the Blue Carrot Cafe in Bastion Square, it’s sadly closed down. It had simplicity in its menu offerings and although they’ve left, I can’t say Elvis has left the building. It’s Chef Suzi who’s in the square now.

This new diner opened up Sept 09 and it comes complete with a ghost said to be haunting the place. That spirit is a playful one, even back when the Blue was there. It was chef Suzi who was adjusting the lights when I wondered why the lights dimmed for a moment.

When I asked about the paranormal she was candid about it, and next door is the headquarters to John Adam’s Discover the Past tours. I could learn about Bastion Square’s haunted legacy.

But here, I was making contact with sea life in the lobster chowder ($9). I really appreciated the large chunks of my favourite crustacean in the large bowl. The taste was something sweet, slightly briny and lightly sprinkled with basil.

Sometimes, I can find a chowder that’s too overpowering in its themed taste. In this one, it’s nicely balanced to let other tastes come through.

However, the quality of the extra offerings was mixed. I had a slice of whole wheat bread on the side, along with half a strawberry and not even a proper slice of orange as a garnish. After feasting on fresh Galey Farms strawberries earlier in the week, what I ate was more like something bought at a grocery store. The berry wasn’t at the peak of sweet perfection and there wasn’t enough fruit to try rating it.

Given the price, I’d expect everything to be of an even quality.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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