Fairway Lovers Unite!

Soda junkies can now get their fix of the best drinks from all over the world at Fairway Market. There was a time where it was only sold at Westshore Town Centre and James would often tease me about it. Much to my chagrin, I wasn’t quite ready to make any regular pilgrimages there. But I did start inquring at the other Fairways asking if they carried the product.

Now imagine me jumping in delight and doing cartwheels when I found the Fairway on Shelbourne dedicating an aisle to international foods. Although this pilot project has been going on for months now, I can only assume more stores will soon be doing the same by the end of the year.

I can go to Fairways and buy my Cherry Coke and try other imported favourites. I thought the Tizer tasted like a fruity ginger ale, and after my Scottish adventures in a highland field, I’m glad Irn Bru can be found nearby. If I wanted to venture south, there’s even a taste of Mexico to be found.

Made by Jarritos, I tried their strawberry fresa. It was very nice, and it went down like a natural cream soda. The only difference is that the strawberry taste is artificial and the natural sugar compensated for what’s missing.

And hoping from one side of North America to another, I just have to wonder how many coconuts have to be cracked to make one can of coconut water? I liked this drink marketed by Grace Foods. Even though they have a less than inspiring name, Coconut Water, it gets attention. But instead of jelly, I’d love it if it was actually bits of coconut left over from the extraction process.

The one thing I’m wary about is all the claims the marketing department is making. But on a hot summer day, I can certainly see myself slurping this stuff down more than Arizona Iced Tea. After my road trip, I’ve found the Canadian flavours to be very limited. There’s an original brew that I found State-side that I’m in love with, and it seems I have more than just Voodoo in might whenever I head back down.

I just can’t enjoy the Canadian manufactured Arizonas anymore. Either they’ve changed their formula to accommodate mass production or it’s not as enjoyable anymore. Nowadays, I’m preferring my green tea home made (minus all the preservatives and sweeteners they put in). It’s cheaper in the long run.


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