Harping over to Vic’s Steakhouse

Vic’s Steakhouse & Bar
345 Quebec St
Victoria, BC
(250) 480-6585

Tucked away to one side of Victoria’s Inner Harbour is Vic’s Steakhouse & Bar—and for seals like me in the area, waddling over there was a no brainer. Sometimes it’s a tough call in where I want to go and with no James around, do I go begging for fish or beef?

There’s other nearby restaurants claiming to serve good meats, like Milestone’s (on the opposite side); one screwed up order there hasn’t seen me return in a long time.

At Vic’s, it’s a cozy place to dine in even during the lunch hours.

I did show up hoping to try the truffle fries but it was no longer offered. I asked and the waiter said the fries was more of a trial run for them and it was expensive for them to produce. I don’t blame them, especially if they’re dusting the potatoes with truffle oil to simulate the flavour.

I can only hope these fries make another comeback next year and I’ll make a mad dash over there.

But for today, I settled for yam fries and a burger. The waiter was kind enough to say it’ll cost more and after my order arrived, I found it was worth it.

I had to quickly eat these fries though. After they cooled down, they didn’t taste as succulent as they were when hot. And a few slices probably escaped the fryer too soon (they tasted a bit starchy and undercooked).

And Vic’s Burger ($9.99) has gotten better over time. The price has decreased and I piled one more item in the key to cracking the safe open to my taste buds.

I went for the cheddar, bacon and jalapeño pepper. After the first bite, I found the roasted garlic aioli really tasted good over the white cheese. The soft sourdough bun tasted better than what I remembered and while my personal preference to have a nice thick patty of beef, what they served here is just fine.

Even after my two reviews, dated Dec 2009 and Aug 2010, for Nexus Newspaper, Vic’s Steakhouse & Bar still remains four stars. Quality hasn’t been sacrificed in lieu of slightly lower prices.

4 Blokes out of 5

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