A Little Bit of Willie

Willie’s Bakery
537 Johnson Street

Victoria, BC

(250) 381-8414

A while ago, I went to Willie’s Bakery & Cafe with my pals, Don (of the Victoria Burger Blog) and Alex. I showed up early to grab a table before the lunch-time rush and somehow in that hustle and bustle, my order was mixed up.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and asked for a salad instead of potatoes. When the dish arrived, I got the latter and I had to scratch my head. When considering how busy this place became, I didn’t want to waste any more time to point out the mistake to my server.

To be honest, I enjoyed the tiny taters. They were nicely seasoned. When compared to the serving of eggs on top of a a brioche bread, I could see myself wanting seconds.

I tried their variation on a theme, an Eggs Blackstone and could have gone for the Latin too. I was hungry enough for it. If I did end up with a salad, I’d certainly be feeling the hunger pangs. With what meat I did have, I found that the bacon didn’t have that strong taste of either maple or Dijon. It was crisp, but it didn’t make up for what the menu claimed.

And I was wondering where the cheddar was. I could hardly taste it. Perhaps it was buried amongst the other flavours. The tomato wasn’t too tart, and I found the cup of locally grown sliced apples sweet.

Although I didn’t catch the price of this meal (Alex paid the bill), I’d check this place out again. During a busy lunch time, the screw up with the order is forgivable, but I just hope what happened isn’t a regular occurrence.

3 Blokes out of 5

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