I Don’t Want This Brand, I Want That Udder Guys

The Udder Guys provides a nice creamy treat with their wild blackberry flavoured ice cream. The great thing about this is that I can’t taste the fat like I can with other brands. Out of all of my experiences, only Chapman’s surpasses The Udder guys. With such a price for a small container (500 ml), I was rather worried I was receiving very little bang for my buck—but I was wrong, the ice cream is sweet but not sickeningly so. And it only takes a few scoops to satisfy ones appetite.

Real berries from Vancouver Island were used. I’m not only finding the seeds in my treat but I’m also seeing the blackberry juices in the cream.

Buying ice cream with blackberries in it is better than foraging. Think of the trouble and time I’d save from picking them. Think of the clothing I won’t have to wash. And look mum, no bloody fingers! The Udder Guys do the job for me. While they certainly won’t show-up to garnish my ice cream with blackberries, they will garnish my blackberries with ice cream.

Purchased from Western Foods (Langford).


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