Quick Bites: The Village

The Village
2518 Estevan Avenue
Oak Bay, BC
(250) 592-8311

A bounty of brunch options for the discerning connoisseur can be found in The Village. There’s no direct bus service to get from Camosun College’s Lansdowne campus to Estavan Village, where The Village is located; if there were, this diner would be constantly busy.

I ordered their Reuben sandwich ($10) with their enjoyable homemade coleslaw. The portions were perfect; the vinaigrette they used had me attacking the salad first. The extra flavouring that the kosher pickle, which was on top of the salad, drizzled throughout the cabbage made for a very savoury side of greens.

The sandwich looked at me with sad eyes, but I smiled back at it with the glare of a wolf. The stack of Montreal smoked ham was tender, and I enjoyed the mild Dijon and sauerkraut; none of these traditionally strong flavours overpowered the meat.

I was impressed with the size of the sandwich. It had me wondering how big this meal would’ve towered if I ordered more meat at $3 per. There was no stipulation in how much meat I could ask for in the menu. And the next time I’m here, I’m going to test the limits.

I just hope my wallet’s foundation can support it.

4½ Blokes out of 5

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