Doing the Dancehall Craze

Stir It Up
1284 Gladstone Ave.
Victoria, BC
(250) 294-0153

After checking out the Victoria Energy Expo during the weekend, I stopped by Stir It Up, a Jamaican restaurant, in the hope of finding a meal for less than $10. There were plenty of options, and while I was looking for something near the $5 mark, it was more my fault for showing up near the end of the day. Had I been by earlier or had the extra money, I could’ve filled up on Jamaican Patties ($3.50 each). I didn’t think one would be enough, so I simply asked.

The cook there was very accommodating and I was able to do a half-order despite what was written on the chalkboard about the hours they’re available for order. That alone makes this place top notch, and in what I ate, I already knew they make quality products.

I asked for a curry beef roti ($6.50). After taking more than a few bites, I felt like doing the rocksteady. That’s a style of music that accentuates the drum beats more than focusing on the other instruments. As I worked my way through the roti, I enjoyed the lingering beauty of the soft but spicy sauces in this meal. The beef itself was great too. It was cooked to pinkish perfection, and while I watched my meal being made on the spot, I also chatted with the cook, and learned that the establishment want to make their own hot sauces.

But finding one particular type of pepper is tough. I wish them luck. I’ll have to see how hot these quick bites can get once they start using their in-house product. On a beautiful spring day, just the thought of how to spice it up was a beautiful way to end my day in Fernwood.

5 Blokes out of 5


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