Shaking it up Shiki Style

Shiki Sushi
1113 Blanshard St.,
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-8622

Shiki Sushi has plenty of flavourful options to shake up the establishment. I appreciated the fact that they moved to bigger digs over a year ago, and recently, I managed to see how big they’ve grown. Their new décor reflects a post-modern Japan, and the spaciousness helps add to the ambience for the new look they’re going for. If I were to decide on a jaunt to swing on by to, this place would be it.

Their Crazy Monkey roll ($11.95) had me making happy sounds and nods of approval. The rice tasted like it was freshly cooled from the cooker, and the subtle hints of warmness only helped make the eel and salmon taste better than it should. The chopped onion accentuated the meaty goodness.

I also had two of their lucky hour specials—white tuna and yellowtail sashimi ($6.95 each). Both were pleasant to nibble on in its bite-size presentation. They were beautifully presented even for a simple staple. When compared to regular tuna, I’m finding that the white meat is much more favorable and flavourful.

Curiously, there was no ginger provided with these specials. Usually, they are meant to be eaten separately, than on top of a piece of sushi, to clear the palette. This time, I had to rely on old faithful, green tea, to reset my taste buds. But as far as what kind of tea they serve, it’s just your generic stuff that lacks freshness of the harvest.

4 Blokes out of 5

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