Cruisin’ the Grand Pacific Buffet

The trip on and off the rock known as Vancouver Island is wrought with one potential problem: the cost of using BC Ferries. Love them or hate them, they’re one means getting people away from or to the capital of British Columbia. One could enjoy the feasting of the Pacific Buffet ($22 at dinnertime) until the next harbour is reached.

The quality of the food is fairly good even though prices have gone up since I last entered through their frosted glass doors. Depending on the ferry, Spirit of British Columbia or Spirit of Vancouver Island and Coastal Celebration, what gets served will vary. Prices also vary depending on the time of day.

At dinnertime, I particularly enjoyed the poached salmon in lemon dill. It was very fluffy and tender. And the roast beef, you can ask for it either well done or rare. I didn’t go for any theme in what I wanted to dine on, so what I had was a hodge-podge of this and that. There were onion rings, pasta and even sautéed chicken to choose from. There wasn’t much I could find disappointing. The selections from the hot side of the buffet table never change.

Other than some small mussels and oddly tasting red onions, the salad and dinner buffet were very good. I enjoyed the blue cheese dressing over my shrimp and lettuce salad. The soft bacon that I piled on top didn’t give the crunch I wanted. At least it was authentic.

As for the desert, there was a theme of the day. On some trips, what’s offered is simple but on others, the chefs go all out. On this sailing, nearly everything was made from chocolate. There were truffles, brownies, nanaimo bars, and a two layered cake. They even had Roger’s Chocolates in the desserts. I opted for a basic cheesecake, which didn’t make the mark. It was still frozen. In contrast, the freshly made whip cream was simply divine. It helped make for a smooth trip to the Mainland, for the next part of my sea-faring adventure.

4 Blokes out of 5


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