How to do the Fringe Part 5: God was at Fort St. Cafe!

Fort Cafe
742 Fort St

Victoria, B.C.
(250) 382-3130

My last night in taking on the Victoria Fringe Festival was met with two powerhouse performances and a good meal. The latter could’ve been better if it didn’t feel like it took a long time to get it to my table. I was able to Facebook, make status updates, read my email, compose a reply, and play six rounds of Angry Birds before it arrived.

I probably could’ve listened to all of Melanie Gall‘s CD as well, containing her songs from her show, Sparrow and Mouse: Creating the Music of Édith Pilaf.

But I was here, at the Fort Cafe for standup comedy. This venue for God is a Scottish Drag Queen is tiny, but I’m glad I did the smart thing—I bought my ticket several days in advance and I arrived early to dine-in so I could hop in line afterwards. I wasn’t going to take any chances hoping for a ticket by arriving two hours early for Michael Delamont‘s show.

My advice is that when you hear about a must-see show at the Victoria Fringe Festival, buy those passes in advance.

Maybe that’s what I should’ve done with my meal. I should’ve phoned ahead to say I want to order a falafel pita ($7) and I’ll be there at a certain time. I was beginning to feel like one certain deity with a beef.

Next time, maybe that’s what I’ll order—their burgers look delicious. On the menu, there’s a few creative recipes that I’ll have to try out.

Despite their slowness, I did enjoy my meal. Surprisingly, the wasabi tzatziki wasn’t all that overpowering. It helped bring out the flavours of the falafel and the pita. The veggies didn’t really stand out, but I could taste the wonderful flavours of chickpeas as I munched away.

The soft chewiness of the bread is certainly high on my approval list. I’ve encountered pitas that were crumbly, or it couldn’t hold itself without falling apart, but that’s grocery store crap. With this wrap, it had everything needed to keep all the fixins together. I want to cuddle it, crave it, and fill it up with all my exquisite dreams. I have yet to find that seafood pita wrap that I’ll gush over, but hopefully some operation will pick up on that idea. I can imagine a lot of beefy gulf shrimp, garlic alioli, crispy romaine lettuce and … okay, time to wake up.

From the looks of that night, they were probably understaffed. That can potentially be bad when a hungry mob comes in wanting a bite before a show, and I could only spot two, maybe three, people working that day. My waiter was accommodating, but next time, I shouldn’t arrive starving mad.

From what I could sense about this place, it’s a cafe to chill out in than to rush. Without the company (yes, James was working again), time dragged on. After bumping into an old acquaintence, Astra Crompton, who was there with her friends, we chatted, and got caught up about old times. Time passed by quicker.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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