Greek Fest 2011

10th Annual
Victoria Greek Fest

4648 Elk Lake Dr.
Royal Oak, B.C.

Either James is still recovering from our last outing or he’s hard at work at his day job, while I’m partying like it’s 1999. My counterpart is showing his age and slowing down, but yet, I’m moving at warp speed and I’m older!

Sunday’s weather topped at 25 degrees Celsius when I was at Greek Fest 2011. I met up with Mike from 28 Days Later Analysis, the horror news and reviews website, to hang out with and to enjoy the atmosphere. But more importantly, I didn’t want to miss out from what I didn’t try last year.

And this time around, I wanted to sample a few new sweets. They were some old favourites as well as a few new ones. The dessert menu seemed smaller this time around, but there was certainly one girl at the till who caught my attention with that smile … but which one should I chase? I think it’s time to re-evaluate my priorities.

The lamb on a spit ($16.75) that I suckled on was tender and I found the best bits nestled next to the bone; where the ratio of meat and fat made for a smooth flamed treat. The amount of meat that I had filled me up but I was still eyeing the desserts.

When nibbling on the Loukoumades ($3.75), maybe I should be glad James wasn’t here. They were like little live geoducks, squirting their liquid honey goodness at any passerby. It seems the quality has dropped. The cinnamon sprinkles weren’t as liberal as last time, and I had to be careful when biting into these squirt gun grenades.

Just like the baklava ($3.75), both this pastry and the doughnuts were certainly alive with honey sweetness–but perhaps too much of it.

If James were here, he’d be rolling me back home in a barrel. I was that stuffed.


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