Takes from the 2018 Victoria Fringe Festival & Parties around the Capital Region


Runs Aug 27 to Sept 22, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The 2018 Victoria Fringe Festival is full steam ahead, running now till Sept 2, and the following takes are from the first three days.

Monday’s lineup is light, but when many exciting events are happening in the garden city of Victoria, BC, to cap off the final dog days of Summer—including Greek Fest over the long weekend which I will one day return to (I hope they’ve found a method to keep away wasps) and the 25th annual Blues Fest (Aug 31 to Sept 3, always a terrific staple at the Inner Harbour) coming up in the region—picking and choosing was very tough!

Even a new creative arts studio, Kre8, is getting into the act! They offered late summer classes for those in the arts interested in getting into professional voice-over work (the theme for this season). Their sessions mix up a bit of Ted Talks with workshops. Some have the knack for it and others trained for years, but get into any specialty does require guidance. Winter classes are being prepared, and for this school, it’s about being able to get your vision out there instead of keeping it known to a small group of friends.

For the Victoria Fringe, my reviews will come in package summaries. In addition to these posts here, please visit the sister site, Otakunoculture.com for even more reviews. The links go to showtimes and online ticket purchasing.

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There’s no Opa for Greek Fest 2013 and Beyond

GreekFestGreek Fest 2013
4648 Elk Lake Drive
Royal Oak
Saanich, BC

J: When it comes to all things Greek. this year Ed and I were missing the mark. It was due to our lousy timing that we managed to show up on a Friday with a two hour window between performances. Technically there were dancing lessons but apart from one young man getting up on stage while a woman in the audience eyed him like candy, nobody else was partaking.

E: When there was barely anybody there, except for retirees, I suppose saying opa was out of the question. Well, despite our mistake, we did finally get to try some desserts that would otherwise be normally sold out during the busy hours of dinner or the next three days of the two weekend long festival. Honestly, I can’t say any of it was anything special. I’m thinking the line cooks and people preparing the meals have gotten complacent in thinking their food is the best… but these days, it is not.

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Fly over to Greece for Consistency

Victoria Greek Fest 2012
4648 Elk Lake Dr.
Royal Oak, BC

J: When Ed asked me if I would the return to the annual Greek Fest, my exuberance knew no bounds. To me the Greeks are a wonderful and beautiful people who I find have many similarities to the Portuguese and Italians. Many of them have a passion for food, love and their religion. The last of which I most admire.

I was hoping to find 2 out of 3 on the recent Blokes outing (I was already spoken for). My natural curiousity to view the grandeur that is the Greek Orthodox Church had not waned in the two years since my failed attempt.

On my stroll to the occasion I took a moment to observe the Churches of both peoples, the Greeks and the Portuguese, as they stood proudly against a Saanich summer sky. They reminded me more of two embassies than churches, steadfast and a better representation for their people than any diplomat could offer.

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Greek Fest 2011

10th Annual
Victoria Greek Fest

4648 Elk Lake Dr.
Royal Oak, B.C.

Either James is still recovering from our last outing or he’s hard at work at his day job, while I’m partying like it’s 1999. My counterpart is showing his age and slowing down, but yet, I’m moving at warp speed and I’m older!

Sunday’s weather topped at 25 degrees Celsius when I was at Greek Fest 2011. I met up with Mike from 28 Days Later Analysis, the horror news and reviews website, to hang out with and to enjoy the atmosphere. But more importantly, I didn’t want to miss out from what I didn’t try last year.

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It’s all Greek to Us

9th Annual
Victoria Greek Fest

4648 Elk Lake Dr.
Royal Oak, BC

E: Rain or shine, the 9th Annual Greek Festival happened with a blast and I was ready to go opa instead of oh no. By the time I was out the door, it was raining.

When James and I arrived at the venue, I was immediately lured to the tents with the wonderful smell of lamb roasting on a spit.

J: I was definitely shouting Opa. With a little wine, some Greek food and being entertained by lovely belly dancers, I couldn’t ask for more. The last time I had visited these grounds, it was an open gravel lot.

But now a beautiful Greek Orthodox church stands here. It’s a vast improvement.

The rain didn’t dampen my spirits; in fact I’m a self-confessed rain lover. I was saddened however that Ed and I had just arrived at the tail end of the last show. The Greek dancers were wearing authentic costumes.

E: And I would’ve been amused if James got up on stage to dance with them. Especially with the amount of spirits he was having, but I digress.

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