There’s no Opa for Greek Fest 2013 and Beyond

GreekFestGreek Fest 2013
4648 Elk Lake Drive
Royal Oak
Saanich, BC

J: When it comes to all things Greek. this year Ed and I were missing the mark. It was due to our lousy timing that we managed to show up on a Friday with a two hour window between performances. Technically there were dancing lessons but apart from one young man getting up on stage while a woman in the audience eyed him like candy, nobody else was partaking.

E: When there was barely anybody there, except for retirees, I suppose saying opa was out of the question. Well, despite our mistake, we did finally get to try some desserts that would otherwise be normally sold out during the busy hours of dinner or the next three days of the two weekend long festival. Honestly, I can’t say any of it was anything special. I’m thinking the line cooks and people preparing the meals have gotten complacent in thinking their food is the best… but these days, it is not.

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