Bastion Square Market

Runs every Thurs, Fri, and Sat & Sun from 11 am – 5:30 pm
From May 6 – September 30
Langley Street

E: After one hefty lunch, I was surprised that James could even eat more that day. When random readers like to point out our eagerness at being overweight, my only response at seeing my buddy eating a Boston Cream Doughnut at the Bastion Square Market was OMG. As much as I liked to partake in one too, at least I knew my limits… well, sort of.

I will confess, I gave in to the cravings and tossed my strict diet out the window just to sample one of the obese Boston creams occupying a stall at B-Red Bakery. Ed on the other hand was willing to sell his soul to sample some unique pasta.

E: Yes, but at least eating pasta is far more healthier.

J: It was good to bite into a freshly made doughnut which, has been sadly lacking upon my palette since Sidney Market over 5 years ago.

E: Obviously James has not been to a Krispy Kreme early in the morning when the doughnuts are rolled out, or to a mini-cart operation I found at Spirit Square that had ’em freshly made on the spot. The hot cinnamon flavoured goodness and puffiness of the doughnut can make or break a good doughnut. While I will eventually partake of one of B-Red’s products, yes pasta takes precedence.

Cowichan Pasta Company produces some of the best and freshest pasta possible. It has to be flash frozen and eaten closer to its production date than left to the back of a freezer. What sold me to loving their product is their range of original flavours in their Spaghetti, which includes winged kelp. In their ravioli front, they have smoked oysters, squash, asparagus and smoked corn as ingredients to this range of products.

To note, all those flavours were not combined into an all in one unit. One bag is enough for two servings, and the price was just right to buy one of each. When considering my love for mushrooms and oysters, I walked away with two bags.

For the next two days, I feasted on some well made smoked oysters and that made for more than a passionate night of dining bliss.

J: I too was attracted to Cowichan’s smoked oysters. The oysters were so fresh I could taste the sea salt still within. It’s a heavier pasta so I don’t recommend to anyone to have a large helping. Just a small serving with a glass of wine (everyone has their favourites) would do.

But there was so much more being offered at the market. I discovered Glanford Greenhouses has made their home here. After they uprooted from the Goldstream Station Market, I wondered where they would turn up next.

E: But food aside, there were some other favourites. There are two vendors who I will often stop by to browse. The owners are very cool, so it’s hard not to pass by for a friendly, “Hi.”

Fae Huxtable sells a huge variety of crystals (I highly recommend buying from her for both metaphysical and display use) and Campbell Orr runs Labyrinth Leathercraft. Upon request, he can do some commissioned work (he made me a belt clip to attach my whip onto, and I’m still eying that black viking rune belt to buy later on).

J: Since Ed is clearly mentioning favourites of his (and some are mine), then I must mention how Cottlestone Apiary influenced Ed’s decision to part with his cash for a small bottle of Wildflower Honey (under $5). And Vid Coco made it really hard for me not to part with my own money. The only thing that kept me from buying their attractive deserts was that, in fact, I had no money left.

But if I may be allowed to mention my favourite non-food tables, it would come down to a tie between Terri Wild of My Friend Monster and sculptor Charles Wainman. Both of these people offer horror-themed products but they are presented from opposites ends of the spectrum. While Charles will make your neighbours worry about you if you own one of his “Zombie Gnomes” (unless your neighbour is Absolute Underground’s publisher Ira Hunter), My Friend Monster is a very huggable friendly product. Nothing’s been this huggable since Nelvana’s My Pet Monster toy (screw you Boglins). Because we all know, as children we would rather have a friendly stuffed monster with us in bed than an imaginary monster under the bed whom we don’t know.


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