A West Coast romp by the Sea, Fish n’ Chips in Jordan River and other points in Between.

Fish n’ Chips by the Sea
West Coast Road (Highway 14)
Jordan River, BC

Hungry hikers and Pacific Rimmers take note, a stop by Jordan River before entering the Juan de Fuca Park (or the many beaches that line the west coast of Vancouver Island), is worth making a stop for. Well, if anyone needs plenty of calories to burn before undertaking those hikes towards those many quiet (and popular) beaches, Fish n’ Chips by the Sea is a unique operation that, so I hear, runs rain or shine.

I was in the area with my friend Marie to try and spot eagles. While she and I wandered the lesser known beaches, I ended up enjoying the wind from the raw ocean air and staring at infinity. Instead of the call of seagulls hungry for a handout, there were other birds that I could hear. But behind me was the scent of good seafood. The bright blue truck caught my attention before heading back to civilization.

And if I had been fishing, the monsterous chunk of halibut would’ve had me grinning like a Cheshire cat. I was impressed with what I could buy for $15. The crunchy batter hid a very succulent and moist meaty center. There were a few spicy additions to make the crunch work. The fries are nothing to rave about, but they certainly tasted very good with the creamy slaw that was offered. By itself, I would’ve passed. I thought it was far too creamy and tart; but at least the mix made for a great meal before heading back to city life.

But one visit is not enough since this truck offers everything! They have clam chowder and burgers too. But be warned, since this business is technically a “street cart” operation, road warriors may find it located closer to civilization, like out in Sooke. That makes for an easier visit. But to know exactly where this food stop is really requires the owners to start up a Twitter or Facebook account and announce where they are for that day.

At least finding this vehicle is not all that hard to spot when there is only one road in and out as it winds towards Port Renfrew. Like Optimus Prime, the front cab and back separates and divides. Too bad both sections cannot roll out together.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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