The Cherry Bomb Sandwich is Really Thumpin’

The Pig BBQ Joint
1325 Blanshard Street,
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-5193

Cherry Bomb Toys
1410 Broad Street,
Victoria, BC
(250) 385-8697

Cherry Bomb Toys and The Pig BBQ Joint worked together to create a monstrous sandwich (aptly named the Cherry Bomb) that Godzilla can easily challenge. But for me, a simple Ed, I was not quite sure.

Once when the word on Twitter and Facebook was out that this manwich is available, I hopped the next available bus and made a beeline to The Pig. To have two types of sauces blended together gave this heart-gouger life! I could taste a mild heat in every bite.

If the words “Oh my aching arteries” is not enough, I think my heart skipped a beat. Somewhere between needing a pump or a resuscitator to keep my body going, I managed to keep moving along.

I feel ready to take on the cold winter. The combination of sauces with the variety of proteins really work. The bun was nice and soft. The fries weren’t all that spectacular, but the bacon was satisfyingly crispy good. The donut that was stuck between this mess was what defined this sandwich. The egg was even done up properly too. It was not rushed into delivery, but left to cook properly so the yolk texture would contrast with the rest of the proteins. Had this sandwich been a bigger product, I could see this meal being a true gut buster.

When comparing this sandwich to my 4″ Godzilla figure that I brought along to get a sense of scale, I’ve seen bigger. Yes, the burger is easy to stare down. I was feeling the pangs of wanting to roll over and hibernate not too long after. However, if I had eaten another one of these, I’d say I’m ready to go live in the arctic with nothing but my trousers on.

After talking to Biagio Woodward of Cherry Bomb Toys afterwards (the meal came with a 25% off coupon for his store), only 25 of these gentle giants are going to be made available. By the time this post hits, and if there are any sandwiches left for Sunday, this meal will be mostly a product of foodie history.

This limited edition sandwich may resurface but that’s not 100% certain according to Biagio. He said that if the idea takes off, maybe another variation/promotion will occur for the next weekend.

4 Blokes out of 5

Pig BBQ Joint on Urbanspoon


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