From the Ashes Rises Chef’s Quest

Note: This business is no longer at this location.

Chef’s Quest Cafe
760a Yates Street
Millie’s Lane
Victoria, B.C.

Sadly, the Jackalope has gone the way of the dodo. Both are extinct and they remain products of myth. In the alley near the Odeon Theatre that is seeing massive renovation, I have to assume that any business surviving there must be struggling through tough times, much like the stores of Daigon Alley when Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters were roaming free. Well, this analogy must ring true to some degree. To one side of Odeon Alley (or Millie’s Lane as it should be known) is a fenced off pit of despair, and the other: a few remaining businesses stay in operation.

Like a phoenix, Chef’s Quest rose to take the place of the Jackalope. Jaz Masters is the new co-proprietor of the space. She has taken up the mantle of serving some unique food to … gamers and nerds? Well, everyone is welcomed here, but the Dungeons & Dragons theme really must be noted. The food is by no means plain, like in how some meals were made back in the Middle Ages. No, diners cannot go as “eloquent” as King Henry IV with a turkey leg.

And while this small diner is by no means a venue to hold a tournament like Medieval Times, can anyone imagine turning the pit outside into an arena? It’s big enough to hold battles. Have a burger, smash a plate and cheer on two brave slaves, er knights in a small tourney.

I’m sure that can be popular for those interested in the Society of Creative Anachronism. But for people interested in visiting this alley, Chef’s Quest is still worth peeking one’s head into. The people are very friendly, and the prices decent. Hungry knights can find a meal for $10 or less. But for diners wondering if anything of the Jackalope’s menu had survived, they’re under new names. The same commitment to freshness and food quality is still prominent.

But with no surprise, the alley must be cursed. I knew of one business that closed its doors decades back, and only more followed. Then the building was demolished. A recent setback caused this diner to close its doors for a few weeks, and once Jaz heals, she promises to restart the quest on December 16th for the dining masses. And just maybe, the Jackalope might even resurface in a tribute rabbit burger.

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