Partying it up at Yates Street Taphouse

Yates Street Taphouse
759 Yates Street.
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-5253

J: There are times when the Two Hungry Blokes deserve some R&R, to take some time off for a job well done and to relax with friends and colleagues in front of a potentially good burger.

It was Que Banh’s social at the Yates Street Taphouse. She’s a professional photographer who hosts these events every season. For once, both Ed’s and my schedule merged and we got together to schmooze with a different crowd.

Que is much like Victoria actor Ian Case, the glue of the creative community. Even in the good company of photographers Scott Fraser & Tony, and Kate Vass of Vass Visuals, my mind still couldn’t help wandering to women, food and beer in that order.

I drank cider from what I dubbed “The Beer Bong.”

At the pool tables, I was mildly amused by a woman looking far too intoxicated. Very frequently, if not rather loudly, she would drop her cue stick.

E: I simply tuned the shenanigans out. In a space that was formally occupied by The Office, I had to wonder if the new establishment was going to be any better.

Here, the basic menu is moreorless set, and I hear more will be added as this place’s reputation grows. I think they’re off to a fine start with their designer burger. I even sampled a few of their wings and fries. They were decent, but I wouldn’t call the taste tests of these latter items spectacular.

J: If you’re going to have a house burger, then that house burger should be your best burger. The Taphouse burger ($12.50) does in some way represent it’s namesake, pricey yet solid enough.

Yes, the fries on the plate I could’ve ordered from any restaurant in the city but there was no excuse for the blandness of the Cesar salad that came with it. One couldn’t have made it more interesting if it was fluent in five different languages and was very good friends with Leonard Cohen.

Considering the price I was paying and then add another $1 for sauteed mushrooms and $1.50 for double smoked bacon, the only reason you would order something so pricey is if the beer influenced you.

E: I did like the smoky flavour that was from the sauce. I don’t think it came from the grilling of the beef. Mind you, the next time I want to examine how a burger is made, I should tear it apart layer by layer before taking a bite.

The bacon flavouring was well done, but as for the rest; a better choice for a bun would have helped. I found myself enjoying the salad first and the burger second. What’s wrong with me?

J: it’s good to know that Ed could become one with the cows, wandering the field grazing on grass before eventually depopulating the farm of anything beef-related on four legs. I do give Taphouse kudos for using real blue cheese and not the sauce. It made all the difference.

But in the end, with average (or slightly above) food, an establishment can be boosted if you have good atmosphere and good servers. Fortunately Taphouse does with than without and that’s it’s saving grace.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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