Keeping in Touch with Efes Donair House

Efes Donair Kebap House 
788 Yates Street
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 3S2

J: If you’ve read my Efes article you’ll recall how it was still under construction. I’ve eagerly anticipated stepping into a much needed restaurant to liven up Yates Street and now I have my chance. Like all new businesses there are kinks to work out and projects to finish and Efes is no different but boy did I like what I saw. I’m liking the look of the place. We were definitely looking to sit down but I was changing tables on Ed.

E: On a chilly night about town, I guess James needed a good fireplace to roast his rump near. Although this operation is over a month old, their soft opening is certainly gathering a crowd. While their wraps certainly filled our tummies, I knew I had to come back soon to try their donairs.

Although what we had was part of their initial menu choices, more menu options will be coming.

J: Yes, we’ll give them some months before we give a full review. I learned never to give a new restaurant a review. They usually need 6 months to work it out. But to echo myself, I’m liking Efes thus far and I’m hoping summer tourist season will help brush off the winter blues.

E: As an update, I’ve visited the diner to grab a quick dinner. I must say the donairs are certainly very tasty. When the product is seen roasting upon an open fire, that’s a good sign. To let the scents tease a diner is one thing, but to witness the meal built for you as you like it, I’m sold.

I’ve been told that this operation does plan on making their own wraps. That is when the chime will be heard and my feet will come running. I’ll be looking forward to what other kinds of delights Efes will be offering.

So far, I can say, everything depends on the sauce … and it’s succulent.

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