Ebizo’s Worth the Wait

Ebizo Sushi
604 Broughton St.
Victoria, BC

J: Nothing says hungry like a magazine launch party at Belmiro’s Restaurant & Lounge when Ed and I show up too early. To be honest, I ate very little in expectation of us consuming mass quantities of hors d’oeuvres and fine wines at the Niche Magazine Red Carpet Gala.

My back up plan was to wander the streets of downtown Victoria using our eyes and noses to locate good eats.

E: And that usually means trouble for two hungry walruses like us. We were not quite the blokes tonight. I pointed out the nearest place was a Japanese restaurant that we often pass by, but always arrive at the worst possible timing.

We finally arrived at Ebizo, Victoria’s quaintest place to have a bite of Japanese cuisine!

J: The joint was jumping and we had little choice but to join the queue at the front door. Fortunately the servers were quick to chop away until the line was nothing more than two blokes trying their best to let people leave the establishment.

E: I think James’ waistline has grown since we last went out. But once we were in, our order of two salads, a scallop roll and deluxe sushi platter arrived in record time. And we still arrived at the party at the prescribed time. Now that’s what I call service!

The meal was very decent. The tuna was very fresh, and the presentation of all the dishes were exceptional. I found the ratio of rice to fish just right.

J: My sunomono salad was heavy on the octopus. That’s a good deal for the price. The taste rivaled what Sushi Plus could make. Here it was sweet and cool to the tongue.

And yes, the servers were just that good. They definitely help Ebizo run smoothly and I marvelled at their work ethic as they rushed around keeping customers happy.

E: Or he was eying something else. Yes, James is a lonely bloke too.

My appy consisted of a very small seaweed salad. The garnishes helped add to the meal, but I felt a bit jaded that more of the actual dish, in a meal-sized plate, was not offered. Maybe I’d have to start diving into the sea to gather enough seaweed to sate my taste for this savoury dish.

J: The scallop sushi roll arrived next and I must say they tasted fresh. No need to repeat what Ed said about the consistency of the rice because it’s all true. It was a perfect marriage. I almost wanted to cry at the thought of leaving. It wasn’t fair that I tried so hard to dine here only to make it a very short visit.

Ed tripped while trying to climb over some of the fixtures almost taking a table of customers (and green tea) with him. I had the same dificulty but managed to recover some of my dignity. Perhaps the next time we’ll come when it’s quieter and sit at the sushi bar. At least if Ed fell over, nobody would get hurt.

4 Blokes out of 5

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