Movie & Food News & Reviews: Godzilla’s Alive! And Uchida Keeps the Tradition

Uchida Eatery/Shokudo
A22-633 Courtney St.
Nootka Court
Victoria, BC

In a mad rush to a Springboard Lecture to launch 2013’s Victoria Film Festival, a quick bite was needed. Inside Nootka Court, I lucked out at seeing that Uchida was still open. I remember this place used to be Daidoco, but this operation closed before James and I could return to weigh in at more of the tastes this Japanese diner offered.

If I did not know any better, I’d swear nothing has changed. The new owner, Chef Yasunobu Uchida uses the same sourced products the previous operation bought from. Everything is still from Metchosin. And despite the fact that Uchida-san was about to close for the day, both he and the staff were very accommodating. A salmon don was produced from what was left in the kitchen.

The green onions were gently sharp, the nori was delicately crisp and the green lettuce made for an interesting contrast against the brown rice used. If they ran out of this short grain starch, I didn’t notice! I liked the overall balance that this dish offered. And my choice of using a kelp-flavoured soy sauce made this meal taste different.

But kudos has to go to the extreme friendliness and patience I experienced. I was not rushed and was allowed to take my time eating. The next customer in was told they were closed and they could not make anything for him. I was extremely lucky.

I will have to show up early one day and partake in the lineups that even Daidoco experienced when it was running. I suspect nothing has changed in that regard either.

And I made it to the lecture with plenty of time to spare. I learned how Gareth Edwards became a new up-and-coming director in the ‘Hollywood’ scene. He showed his demo reel of early digital special effects work, and while he felt embarrassed that they did not look perfect, I’d swear most are cinema ready. He’s known for directing BBC’s “Attila the Hun,” but some movie aficionados may know him for his work in “Monsters.”

I liked the film. It looks more at the monster within than the aliens that have taken over the infected zone. Some locals are hardly humanitarian driven and are more profit-minded to help take trapped Americans home by traversing across this zone. Although the film has some pacing issues, the sub-text this film makes is great.

And this director is tapped to helm the Godzilla remake. I’m excited! I had my reservations since I’m a purist. After seeing this film and having a quick chat with Mr. Edwards to learn that Toho is fully supportive of this project and he has talked to them, I’m not too worried. After seeing “Monsters,” I believe that he’ll give the beast a new treatment that will both honour what this classic iconic monster is about, but yet be re-interpreted with a new visionary direction.

4 Blokes out of 5 (for both the food and the movie)

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