Return To Osaka

Osaka Sushi
1951 Oak Bay Ave.
Oak Bay, B.C.

J: It was a day revisiting old haunts like the Penny Farthing Pub. It was just an indecisive day as Ed and I traveled to Oak Bay, then to downtown Victoria only to turn around and make our return. During our journeys via B.C. Transit bus, to learn we had the same driver twice and the same bus 3 times that day was a little weird. It was the bus I now dub Phantom 8035.

E: When the Green Wasabi near Spirit Square was closed, to find a shop that does not observe tradition was a bit tough. The reason for why most Japanese restaurants (at least the super good ones) are closed on Monday is because the establishment cannot get fresh quality fish. I commend Wasabi for that; but when my appetite was for some raw fish, our choices were limited. And we didn’t get to review Osaka proper on our late night visit.

J: What Ed means to say is we weren’t planning on reviewing Osaka. We just wanted to go to a nice place without having to worry about work but we changed our minds as soon as the pleasantly displayed food started to arrive.

Monday’s special was a free bowl of miso soup which Ed heartily consumed. My meal already came with but I was heard to say as our server walked away “But I wouldn’t mind a second one.”

The seafood tempura was prawn, fish, yam, onion and green pepper. I guess for $17.95 I expected slightly more seafood and less of the vegetables. The prawn was dominant but you could hear me utter no complaints. The batter was quite light and fluffy with no grease drippings. The sesame sauce on the rice was quickly devoured. I made reassuring sounds with each raise of the chopsticks.

E: And I watched James reach his happy place, which is quite rare when we’re out dining. While I’ve been here on numerous occasions with other friends, I was not disappointed with the variety. Had I been here on another day, perhaps some sea urchin would have been available.

Despite the fact that the fish may be over 24 hours old, the quality did not drop. I went for a traditional deluxe nigiri mix, and did not find any of the eight pieces sub-par.

J: My Crystal Roll (with it’s smoked salmon, mayo and scallops) was as creamy and delicious as I imagined it to be. But next time this boy will cut back to half a roll. I like mayo as much as the next man but too many pieces was just too rich. I should’ve balanced it with a roll of Osaka Special.

E: Watch out James, the cream cheese can be just as killer. Fusion sushi seems to be all the rage since the start of this new decade. At least at Osaka, they are keeping some old traditions alive.

4 Blokes out of 5


One thought on “Return To Osaka

  1. Hi there — just discovered your blog!! I've just moved back to Victoria and am reading up on all of the new (and old) restaurants that might be worth a visit. Thanks for all of the great posts.


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