Bring me Sunshine, Village Patisserie

The Village Patisserie
2217 Oak Bay Ave.
Oak Bay, B.C.

E: Little did I know that the Village Patisserie would also offer a variety of Persian delights. From soups to desserts, there was a lot that I couldve ordered.

But I was looking for a light snack, and my eyes quirked when I spotted a sweet priced at $2.60 for two. The zoolbia was delicious. It had a fine crystal-like structure. I could swear I was eating a honeycomb with none of the waxiness that some may think this dessert would have. After learning rose-water was used, I can see why.

J: And rose water is used for many different things, from religious purposes to medicinal. The zoolbia had a nice light taste, I thought I was eating a solidified ray of sunshine. It’s pleasant enough but I don’t think I can consume two of these in one siting.

The Persian cookie with chickpea flour was like a dry peanut butter cookie. The owner said I needed to pop the whole cookie into my mouth and it would melt like butter. True enough, like a mouth full of peanut butter it became stuck to the roof of my mouth. I just wish she sold Avalon Dairy milk to wash it down with.

E: Poor James. Fortunately no liquid was required to help me polish off the almond croissant that was looking at me with that “buy me” stare.

Food shouldn’t have personalities, but for this buttery goodness, the added nutty flavour made this pastry top notch. It wasn’t too fluffy, but it had some nice added density to make me think of apple pie.

Interestingly enough, there was an apple almond and traditional croissant that I could’ve bought as well. Fortunately, I did have some self control that day. I saved half of what I bought for breakfast the next day.

4 Blokes out of 5

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