A Pirate’s Life for Me

Photograph by Brendan Gibson

Pirate Cosplay Day
May 19, 2013

Brickyard Pizza
784 Yates Street
Victoria, BC

J: What can be said but how lucky can Two Hungry Blokes get? We’ve attended not one but two events at Brickyard Pizza. I must admit that I really love these cosplay events. With Brickyard’s previous event Medieval Cosplay Day it was like being in an episode of Game of Thrones.

This time, we walked in and were completely surrounded by pirates. They were decked out in their threaded finery and best accessories. Someone would think they were attending a London fashion show rather than a cosplay event. Check our wallets after Ed, I think one of them is giving us the eye…er…his only eye.

E: And I wondered where the bottles of rum were and thankfully they were behind the front desk. After we swaggered in like two big pigs in a poke awaiting slaughter than actual pirates, I wish I had dressed up for this event so I could’ve blended in more. At least I have clothes to make me look suave, so I’ll be looking forward to James Bond night, if that particular event happens.

J: Alas I failed to attire myself for this one. I was misplaced in time but not in space. I was where I wanted to be, among the familiar faces of the nerd/geek crowd. Scanning the room was a who’s who of our small island community, Jeremy Sinclair co-organizer of Medieval Cosplay Day and head of Medieval Chaos, a live action role playing group and Bob & Denise Pearson, a professional Johnny Depp impersonator. I can’t wait to see whom the Tolkien Cosplay Day will draw out.

E: And hopefully the next few events will be better marketed so it’ll draw more than the usual crowd out. Even though the space can comfortably fit around 30 people, 50 might get stuffy—or rather take up the whole establishment. But as I said before and I’ll say it again, these nights are designed to get people out of their basements and into a cellar—of decadence and delights to celebrate for this night the joys of being a pirate! Bring on the bar maids!

J: Ed was handed a mojito to help loosen him up. And if anyone has been following us these past three years (has it been three years already) one would know that Ed doesn’t just loosen, he leans.

E: Fortunately there was snackage to be found somewhere betwixt all the gold and jewelry strewn about. All fake, of course, and while I surveyed the scene, tiredness besieged me. I should’nt have stayed up the previous night, playing Pirates of the Caribbean to get into the supernatural mood.

I could’ve watched all three films because the wait was long. The meal wasn’t served until 8pm and this foreknowledge had me drifting off to another distant shore for a snack before returning, just in time, for the main course! The mango/chickpea curry was what made the night at the Brickyard worthwhile.

J: I must admit I love a good curry as much as the next person (and it was good) but I was taken by the roasted chicken drumsticks. They were tender and juicy. But I wasn’t there for a review. I was there for the social scene, the quiz contest which my team “The Crew of the Black Pearl” won and the prizes. And in my best Kenneth Williams’ voice, “Oh those prizes!”

Sure the fruit and freshly made cream was a good after dinner special but those bottles of alcohol, Brickyard Pizza gift certificates and Ed’s favourite grand prize were the toppers of the night. But it can be best explained by one smug Ed.

E: All I have to say is that I made out like a bandit. The picture speaks for itself.

Readers can keep watch on this page for these future events at the Brickyard Pizza.

Tickets can be purchased at the establishment:

Steampunk Cosplay Day – June 16, 2013

Tolkien Cosplay Day – June 30, 2013

Photography by Brendan Gibson (first 3 pictures) and James Shaw (final)

Note to readers: The James Bond Cosplay Day scheduled for June 2, 2013 has been cancelled.

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