Brady’s Fish and Chips

Brady’s Fish and Chips
#1-50 Burnside Rd. West
Saanich, BC
(250) 382-3695

J: Brady’s is just one of those places I’ve heard so much about, it’s praises being tossed around have landed in my lap over the years but it wasn’t possible on our Two Hungry Blokes schedule to find time for it until recently. It’s located in a little strip mall on Burnside between Art’s Bakery and Hometech Games Plus (previous location of A&A Appliances). I knew this mall from my youth for it’s Peppin’s Pet Centre.

E: I always pass by this Fish n’ Chip store on the way to Silvercity. I never thought about checking it out until James brought the idea to the fore. But when considering his growing reputation of picking places that have been mostly on the “miss” side, was I reluctant? Will I ever learn my lesson?

J: First impressions are the most important to customers and mine was that Brady’s was unkempt. Boot prints tracked across the floor in the dining area were just the start. We were forced to play musical tables after finding food stains and a dried piece of lettuce on our table top.

Half of our cutlery were also contaminated. And it wasn’t just the inanimate objects. Our server was a walking billboard with her untucked haggard blue shirt. I’m sure the poor thing would fall apart in the next wash (the shirt not the girl, she was fine).

E: The menu offerings looked good. I liked the variety and was tempted to go for the Captain’s plate, which offered a bit of everything: clams, oysters, haddock, cod and shrimp. But when this place doesn’t boast where they source their seafood from, I’m glad I didn’t.

I changed my mind and had the oyster dinner instead.

The quantity was good (I had five large oysters) but the quality was hardly anything spectacular. The fries came hot off the frier (which was better), and for once, I found a place which does not believe in overdosing customers with too much of it.

J: My oyster burger came with fries but I sent it back because I had clearly stated I wanted coleslaw. It was changed quickly without any fuss. I only wish I had stayed with the fries. There was a nice earthy taste to them I liked. The coleslaw was refrigerated and tasted watery. The oysters in my burger were plentiful and to be quite honest, tasty.

It’s such a sad shame the hamburger bun tasted more of the dinner variety while the dressings contained slices of old tomato.

E: Whatever James heard about Brady’s being good must’ve come from the 70’s, when a certain television show was in vogue. But even that show about managing a troubled household has gotten dated. The store certainly shared that same vibe. A fashion and culture makeover is needed.

1 Bloke out of 5


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