Brickyard Pizza Doesn’t Always Slice

BrickYard1Brickyard Pizza
784 Yates St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 995-2722

E: One free movie and pizza night sounds like a good deal to me. I had a pass to an advanced screening of The World’s End and James had one for The Brickyard. And for once, that was a plan worth putting together. Who doesn’t want to have an all expense paid free night in downtown Victoria?

J: I won these coupons at one of Brickyard’s few Cosplay parties. I’ve heard differing opinions about Brickyard but a lot of it was positive and those that were in the negative were not horror stories. Brickyard seems to me to be a good choice for a bite before we attend The World’s End (I always wanted to say that). I was craving Hawaiian but silly me left the decision to Ed like it was his birthday.

E: And I’m sure James thanked me much later as we were crammed into a theatre like sardines. We had a garlic pizza with two extra toppings, bacon and mushrooms. It was good, but I thought it was unevenly made.

BrickYard2J: Not only was the garlic on the pizza unevenly spread but the pizza was unevenly cooked. The ingredients at least were fresh. I guess that would explain the nice little garden they have out back. I can’t really comment on the service because other than delivering our drinks, there was very little of it.

But that’s to be expected since the servers did double duty as the cooks. At least Ed and I were kept amused by the TV in the background and some show called Robot Combat League. So this is what passes for entertainment.

E: Yeah sad isn’t it? We were both surprised that George Lucas was making a guest appearance. I had to Google the show. One of Lucas’ daughters was apparently one of the fellow contestants of the show but before I start dissecting this television program I have to dissect this pizza. As good as it was I thought there wasn’t enough garlic. The bacon was reasonable but with the mushrooms they could have used something better to make this pizza stand out. But with a little time to spare we gobbled up our pizza and made our way to  We could’ve went for beer after. We were just after some good evening fun.

J: Perhaps the idea of evening fun for Two Hungry Blokes will be to bring along 3 friends for a journey of 12 pints in 12 drinking establishments (I don’t think we even have 12 pubs). But the question is at what point during the pub crawl will Blokes and friends end up in a tussle with blue blooded robots.

2 Blokes out of 5


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