iCame, iTasted iZushi

Note: This restaurant is no longer at this location.

Izushi Japanese Restaurant
980 Blanshard Street
Victoria, B.C.

J: Ed told me about this new sushi restaurant on Blanshard that he so desperately wanted to try. But the closer we got to the place the more I knew we were headed in the direction of Yokohama or should I say it’s next of kin. Under new ownership and with a new lease on life, Izushi is young with a opening date of June 5th.

The exterior of Izushi was left untouched but there’ve been a few modifications inside since my last visit to this location nearly a decade ago. I remember fondly of a late evening seating around the sushi bar and enjoying the company of a good woman. But now it was early evening and I was in a booth with someone as far removed from womanhood as could be.

E: I had the same sneaking suspicion as James and that didn’t deter me from hoping that things have changed since I was last here. Sadly, nothing has changed from when I reviewed this place under it’s former moniker. Even the same bland tastes back then still remains and after the first bite, I knew what I was in forApple Computer jokes notwithstanding.

J: I ordered a Katsu Don ($9.95) and it came with a miso soup. While we waited we were served no green tea nor were we asked. And it doesn’t appear on the menu. Do they even know what green tea is here?

The miso arrived and from the smell or lack thereof I knew this was a troubled beginning. Usually the smell of miso alone revitalizes me but this miso was better off being served in a dull grey world because that’s how it made me feel.

E: Although what I ordered would’ve been considered a snack by my standards, no meal is complete unless I have my fish and shrimp. I opted for a Rainbow roll ($9.95) and a Dynamite cone ($6.25) for once, and they hardly popped at all. Some of the flavours were there, but the problem was with the rice. It’s always the rice … there was no aroma or lip-smacking goodness to it.

The blandness made me think I should’ve gone to Fujiya’s instead. I could’ve bought the same thing for $5 less. What they offer and present there is far better than what iZushi can offer. The iTrend is going to eventually die out and i think this place is going to suffer.

J: Right you are Ed. My Katsu Don suffered from the exact same problem with the rice. In fact, nothing about the don was good. They used too many onions which overpowered the other tastes, the egg wasn’t fully cooked and the pork appeared to be inconsistent. Perhaps they just buy whatever grade of pork is cheaper at the time thus never maintaining a standard. I try to find the good in every business I review but there are a few who make it so hard. Apart from the missing green tea the service was exceptional but I couldn’t finish what was in front of me and I was still hungry.

E: In my memories of when I’ve seen James not finish off a meal, that is just as rare as a blue moon. I think he took at most six bites before he called it quits. One should leave the restaurant with a happy feeling after eating a good meal. Here, we were feeling very meh.

1 Bloke out of 5


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