[Victoria Film Festival ’14] Trading an Oyster in for a Film

614 Humboldt St. 
Victoria, BC 
(250) 385-4512

No Victoria Film Festival party can be complete without a trip to the Oyster Bar or Spinnakers. Both have been long time supporters of this show, and sometimes they are the venues for one of the many parties going on, past and present. The brew pub even caters and the hors d’oeuvres I get to try out are always exceptional, but sometimes it’s just the deserts, namely their ice cream in the springtime, that I’m really after. No matter what the treat, these little bites always knock it right out of the park.

And that should be the size raw oysters should be sampled in. The Victoria Film Festival’s Gala Event often serves these tasty treats, but I had to wonder where they came from. I’m assuming the Oyster Bar, and a visit here was definitely on the must hit list.

The service at this establishment is always great, and on the day I went, the staff was accommodating. I only had an hour before a movie screening. I managed to have a pricey sampling of kusshi oysters (3) and they tasted like it is described in the guide. This little postcard is handy so people who want to experiment with different oyster flavours can. I could have gone from a soft cucumber finish to metallic. But today, I stuck with the familiar, and the freshness in both what I ate and the horseradish are always above par in the rare visits I make here. At $3 a pop for the prime stuff, this place is not one I visit often.

Since I was after something quick to heat up, the oyster chowder was right on the money for its flavour ($8.95). The dish is eloquently presented and is served mildly chilled. I can’t say if this dish is meant to be presented warm, but given the time I had and what I ate, I can forgive any mistakes that might have incurred. I believe fanny bay is used, and that makes for a decently priced ($8.95) meal. It’s not filling but it at least it curbs the hunger pangs. I generally don’t use crackers in soups so I didn’t notice that it was missing right away.

Generally, my visits are never disappointing but this time, its just one little detail I had to wonder about. That won’t stop me from coming back though. When there is a buck a shuck happening every Wednesday as a happy hour treat (only certain regional shells are available), I will be back for more.

4 Blokes out of 5

Nautical Nellies Steak & Seafood House/Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon


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