Too Hungry for the Movies? Victoria’s Foodie Film Festival Returns June 20-23!

The Two Hungry Blokes have not retired from reporting into our adventures into foodie culture. Posts have slowed down since we discovered that eBlogger is deleting/messing up a fair number of our posts and images. We are working on moving all our articles to a new system and polishing them up. All new food-specific content we’ve racked up will be posted at our new site than here.

At the same time, we are also planning on taking on a few new challenges: to expand our exploration into all things Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands based that catches our interest. That will include more forays into dinner theatre, movies or culture and events around town.

To launch things off: The 2nd Annual Victoria Foodie Film Festival returns this June 20-23rd! This year seven films will highlight a global banquet of delights. More information can be found by checking out each film’s entry in the Internet Movie Database and tickets can be bought here.

Hey Bartender
Jadoo: Kings of Curry
43rd Golden Scallop
Zone Pro Site: A Movable Feast
A Tale of Samurai Cooking
The Organic Life
Brasserie Romantique

The Victoria Film Festival recommends that tickets be bought in advance. A very limited amount of tickets will be offered at the door as the room where the films are played in has a limited capacity and these shows may not necessarily offer standing room only.


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