Feast Your Eyes on “The Dream,” A Culinary Movie Review

af-el-somni-poster-cat1Plays Sunday, May 31
Oak Bay Beach Hotel
Victoria, BC

Brunch: 11 AM
Film: 12:15 PM

El Somni (The Dream) is one of those films that is more of a visual exposition than a by-the-book style documentary about brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca. After taking home the first place award in the 50 Best Restaurants in the World ceremony of 2013, just what can they do next is explored in this film. These siblings desire to create a new artistic culinary movement to engage the five senses — if not six to create a spiritual awakening — of a dinner can make or break their established careers. They’re reknowned chefs from El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain.

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The Victoria Film Festival Rebrands their Foodie Film Festival & One Bloke’s Picks


The Victoria Foodie Film Festival has renamed to become Feast, Food & Film. Now into its third year, this rebranding is most likely needed to give this event its own unique name and help identify if in the arts and entertainment world of Victoria, BC. VFFF can be known as F^3 in short, and in what isn’t is the lineup of films and tastes to be found May 28 to 31st, 2015.

This year has eight films lined up to play in conjunction with hors-d’oeuvres (mostly) that snackers can take into the theatre. Unlike the previous year where most of the events took place at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, this one places more emphasis at the Victoria Film Festival’s home digs at The Vic Theatre.

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The Lesson Learned in A Tale of Samurai Cooking, A Movie Review

No foodie or historian should miss out in learning about the history of Japanese cooking in Bushi No Kondate (A Tale Of Samurai Cooking A True Love Story). Despite it being deceptive film set during the early part of the Edo period (1603-1867) of Japan, the tale being presented is more than just about the budding romance that’s being stirred up.

The political upheaval that’s happening in the Kaga Domain — a huge tract of land owned by a Shogun — is the social climate that this film’s many characters have to struggle to eke out their life in. The civil war that occurred between two Shogun brothers, and its subsequent influence upon the people who live in this region was a spark to the Kaga Disturbance that this movie chronicles.

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Looking for that Message in the Bottle in The Lunchbox, A Movie Review

July 1-3, 2014

The Vic Theatre
#106 Nootka Court
808 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC

The Lunchbox is a very honest film about the trials and tribulations of two individuals struggling through life in Mumbai (Bombay), India. When Ila (Nimrat Kaur), a housewife struggling to keep her happiness afloat, and Saajan Fernandes (Irrfan Khan), a claims adjuster feeling uncertain for his future, discover each other, the feelings they develop in their correspondence helps them live through difficult times. Interestingly, the way they meet is through a special lunch delivery service.

Unlike the traditional lunch boxes that kids take to school in North America or delivery services in Japan, where bikes with huge square-shaped containers are used, the “take-out” system is different in India. Segmented cylindrical containers (known as tiffins) contain a hot food item (typically cooked fresh that morning) in each part, and it’s delivered in a cloth bag to the office worker. Instead of going out to some diner, they can hit the lunch room. When a city is as huge as Mumbai, just how this delivery system can continue without error has to be asked and the answer is simply that all containers are marked with a unique code to insure the food goes to the right office building, desk and person.

But once in a while, a mistake can happen.

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Victoria’s Foodie Friday Recap with The Race for the Golden Scallop

Victoria 2nd Annual Foodie Film Festival
June 20-23

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel‘s fabulous Chef Ian Rennie prepared a delectable taste-testing extravaganza with mini fried fish cakes that was very tangy to the senses and some excellently made mini-portions of halibut and fries (accented perfectly with cilantro). Both are to die for. These were not fries, but frites! These thinly slices morsels had all the right soft and crispy textures to define a fried potato. And the fish was fresher than catching it out of the ocean yourself.

These morsels helped kickstart the later evening of Victoria Film Festival’s Annual Foodie Film Fest. The first film offered was Jadoo: Kings of Curry, and one festive film monger couldn’t want and previewed it through VoD for a teaser for what’s to come. With this show now into its second year, this summer program is definitely going to be a delightful annual event.

Today, three more films (none of them sold out at time of press) and mouth-watering foodie delights will soon be offered. If last night was any indication, yes, even the Two Hungry Blokes may need a third stomach to handle everything that’s offered. Sadly, even we need a break but will return to look at the final day of the festivities.

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Victoria’s 2nd Annual Foodie Film Festival, Jadoo, Kings of Curry


David Foster Foundation Theatre
Oak Bay Beach Hotel

June 20 at 5:30pm

The Simpsons can learn a thing or two about how to repair old familial wounds in Jadoo: Kings of Curry. When a feud splits two brothers — two professional chefs — and their respective families apart, just what will it take to bring them back together? A marriage.

Shalini (Amara Karan) and Mark (Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison) are in love and Shalini’s hope is to have a large wedding that both her dad, Raja (Harish Patel), and uncle, Jagi (Kulvinder Ghir), can cook together. But when they are accusing each other of treachery, just exactly what they are angry at each other for is as mysterious as the country that they hail from: India.

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