The Victoria Film Festival Rebrands their Foodie Film Festival & One Bloke’s Picks


The Victoria Foodie Film Festival has renamed to become Feast, Food & Film. Now into its third year, this rebranding is most likely needed to give this event its own unique name and help identify if in the arts and entertainment world of Victoria, BC. VFFF can be known as F^3 in short, and in what isn’t is the lineup of films and tastes to be found May 28 to 31st, 2015.

This year has eight films lined up to play in conjunction with hors-d’oeuvres (mostly) that snackers can take into the theatre. Unlike the previous year where most of the events took place at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, this one places more emphasis at the Victoria Film Festival’s home digs at The Vic Theatre.

The Brunch of Dreams ($59 per ticket) offers a nice cocktail party to go with the movie The Dream (El Somni) that looks at how food is elevated into an art form at the award-winning restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca (ranked as number 2 on the Top 50 Restaurants in the world). What’s there must be meals made for King, Queens and nobleman who hardly balk at the price of going to Catalonia, Spain and staying there for a weekend of culinary bliss. Maybe the Two Hungry Blokes should launch a Indiegogo campaign to get us there to see just what they offer?

At least for us country bumpkins, Red Meat and a Bottle of Gin is more up one of the bloke’s alley. What’s offered is the ‘best beef in the city from the Village Butcher and a gin martini to supplement the snack before the film, Steak (R)evolution plays. This French made film looks at what’s needed to make the perfect piece of steak. Even how Kobe beef is prepared is looked at.

To round our this bloke’s top three picks of this mini-festival, Go Peru! just makes the list for the movie more so than the food being offered. To define what makes Peruvian food unique is tough. It was the land of the Inca before it was subsequently conquered by European explorers. Just what Incan food was needs an anthropological discourse to study what’s traditional from here (corn, potatoes and legumes are everywhere in different quantities) but in terms of what was brought over from other nations and syncretized may be what defines the movie Finding Gaston.

For a full list of films and food pairings to accompany this mini festival, please visit F^3’s website here.


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