The Pita Pit Is Where It’s At for Late-Night!

IMG_0896 Ira SmallWhen it comes to evaluating franchise operations, I can certainly say that hands down, The Pita Pit is better than Subways. Although they are tucked away in a corner of downtown Victoria on Wharf Street, they are open late at night to cater to the hungry late-night crowd. I’m surprised there isn’t an operation closer to the University of Victoria, as that was where this franchise got its start from (to cater to the student crowd), but alas, maybe they can get better digs in due time.

When it’s late a night, and my buddy Ira Hunter, Editor-in-chief of Absolute Underground Magazine (that I’m a frequent contributor to), had a food craving and so was I.

After going to a fantastic Suicide Girls Burlesque Show where they got their full nerdity on display on stage, we were both having more than just your basic food cravings. One quick check of what’s open late at night revealed very few options after 11pm. We did a drive-by anyways and was fortunate to see the light indeed flicker ‘open.’

IMG_0905 PITA PIT crop

This operation lives up more to the claims of freshness and also in how they top up a wrap. The trick here to building any sandwich, subs included, is for the diner to know what topping works with what instead of simply saying pile it all on top or ask for the works. I ordered the baba ghanoush, an eggplant dish that’s already infused with tastes of tomato and onions. The light olive oil can be tasted, and when contrasted with my toppings of crispy red onion, moist cucumber, soft spinach and crunchy baby sprouts, the taste came alive in my mouth. I opted for no sauces and seasoning. That was all I needed to fill me.

And to find some decent eats other than the usual fast food places late at night just means looking at different corners. With this particular scene, not everything has to be about the big four.

4 Blokes out of 5


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