Victoria’s 2nd Annual Foodie Film Festival, Zone Pro Site: The Movable Feast


David Foster Foundation Theatre
Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Saturday • June 21 at 5:00pm

Plenty of hilarity and nostalgia can be found in a theatrical culinary odyssey that looks at the “catering” business in Taiwan.
Zone Pro Site: The Movable Feast shows how a good nostalgic soundtrack can highlight the silliness that’s found in this film, and when this film has a zaniness of a classic Stephen Chow movie, perhaps Taiwanese director Chen Yu-hsun (陳玉勳) should pair up with him to show what two well respected visionaries can do. The only difference is that Chow has recognition outside of China. He’s known internationally for films like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. 

Their two styles are similar as both filmmakers have a perchance for creating the absurd. Yu-Hsun may not be as well known outside of his home country, and as long as word of mouth continues to praise Zone Pro Site, he may start to get recognition on this side of the Pacific.

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Jon Favreau’s “Chef” Cooks Up a Delightful Family-Bonding Film

Writer/Director/Actor Jon Favreau certainly has a knack for creating whimsically hilarious movies. He does a better job at films like Swingers and Iron Man than he is with Cowboys & Aliens. But perhaps, that’s because some titles are more ready-made for mass appeal than others. His latest film, Chef, cooks up a delightful tale about Carl Casper (Favreau), a renowned Los Angeles chef who prefers to create gastronomic delights over following the rules.

When he is often challenging restaurant owner Riva (Dustin Hoffman) about what to offer in every night’s top menu selection, he is eventually going to lose his job. When he blows up in front of top food critic Ramsey Michel (nicely played by Oliver Platt), he’s going to need a new line of work.

Thanks to television programs like Eat St. to show foodies where to find fantastic food, the revolution is with chefs who prefer to work their own magic through the window of a food truck. Some do not have the finances to run a proper bistro, so that’s why being portable helps. This film is making its rounds to festivals and theatres around the world to show that touring is a better option.

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Too Hungry for the Movies? Victoria’s Foodie Film Festival Returns June 20-23!

The Two Hungry Blokes have not retired from reporting into our adventures into foodie culture. Posts have slowed down since we discovered that eBlogger is deleting/messing up a fair number of our posts and images. We are working on moving all our articles to a new system and polishing them up. All new food-specific content we’ve racked up will be posted at our new site than here.

At the same time, we are also planning on taking on a few new challenges: to expand our exploration into all things Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands based that catches our interest. That will include more forays into dinner theatre, movies or culture and events around town.

To launch things off: The 2nd Annual Victoria Foodie Film Festival returns this June 20-23rd! This year seven films will highlight a global banquet of delights. More information can be found by checking out each film’s entry in the Internet Movie Database and tickets can be bought here.

Hey Bartender
Jadoo: Kings of Curry
43rd Golden Scallop
Zone Pro Site: A Movable Feast
A Tale of Samurai Cooking
The Organic Life
Brasserie Romantique

The Victoria Film Festival recommends that tickets be bought in advance. A very limited amount of tickets will be offered at the door as the room where the films are played in has a limited capacity and these shows may not necessarily offer standing room only.

Serving up Victoria’s 1st Foodie Film Festival! Jiro Dreams of Sushi Reviewed.

Victoria Foodie Film Festival
June 7-9, 2013
David Foster Foundation Theatre
Oak Bay Beach Hotel

E: I like to think that I helped the Victoria Film Festival go in the direction of having more food related events after my little post about their lunch-time shorts, but they most likely had the idea brewing for some time.

I missed going to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi in February and to make this film the one to kickoff this foodie event at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel was a good idea. I enjoyed the stroll to get to this swanky part of Victoria. Just down the hill is the Victoria Golf Course. James labored up a hill to get here.

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